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We are impressed with some of the cool puzzles and map panels that Pete has been making and reached out to ask him a few questions on his work.

1.) Who are you, where are you from and what do you do?

I’m Pete Ruckelshaus, I’m from Collegeville, PA, and I’m a middle school teacher.

2.) What lasers and software do you work with?

Xtool D1 10W, Lightburn

3.) What do you love about maps?

I’ve loved maps ever since I was a kid (which is a while ago). We used to get National Geographic magazine, and they would come with these great fold-out maps that I would hang on my wall and think about all of the places that I could travel to…and that’s the great thing about maps.

Not only can they show you where you’ve been, they can also show you where you’re going.

Check out more of Pete’s work on


Hi, I am Gregg and I love maps and lasers.

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