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This Nelson, BC based business uses Cartocuts to work with the unique topography and city layout of a location to make meaningful personalized gifts and products for their customers.

1.) Who are you, where are you from and what do you do?

We are Gregg & Angella Coppen and together we run The Cut & Etch, a laser engraving business providing unique personalized maps on cutting boards, wall panels, puzzles and leather mousepads.

2.) What lasers and software do you work with?

We have a Glowforge Basic, an Epilog Helix and a Xtool D1. We use the Glowforge online software, Visicut (which is open source and works with older lasers) and Lightburn.

3.) What’s your favourite thing about maps?

We love that maps are like fingerprints and that every location has a unique visual signature. From dense cities to towering mountains and everything in between, a map can capture the essence of a location that’s important to a person.


Hi, I am Gregg and I love maps and lasers.

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About Cartocuts

Cartocuts is software for makers to make maps