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Option 1

Pay as you need

Generate, license and pay for your high resolution maps one at a time and on demand as you need them.

Option 2

Map Credits

Save up to 50% on your map licenses by buying map credits in bulk and also enjoy a faster checkout

Coming Soon


Choose a monthly or annual subscription to receive monthly credits and discounts of up to 60%.

Map Credits


$ 45.00

5 Credits
10% Saving

A starter pack for occasional map designers.

HobbyMost Popular

$ 80

10 Credits
20% Saving

Good value for more frequent map makers


$ 140

20 Credits
30% Saving

Great value for makers looking to build map product lines.


$ 250

50 Credits
50% Saving

Best value for busy cartographers who need to make maps all the time

Map Licensing


Personal Use

1 Credit

Your map can be used for a personal non-commercial project


Commercial Single

2 credits

Your map can be used in a single physical end product for sale


Commercial Multiple

10 Credits

Your map can be used in up to 5,000 physical or digital end products for sale


Commercial Extended

100 Credits

Your map can be used in up to 250,000 end products for sale

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About Cartocuts

Cartocuts is software for makers to make maps