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Topographic Maps

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Welcome to Cartcocuts. An easy way to create high resolution customized topographic maps in digital format.

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Legendary Logo

Hey it’s the Salient crown, that’s pretty cool actually.

Amazing Logo

Sometimes you just have to stop and stare at the lines, they’re quite pretty.

Sharp Edges

The Salient logo focus on minimaliistic geometric design.

Ultra Durable

the Salient logo monument is made out of reinforced steel

Looks To Kill

High Quality, High Contrast Topographic Maps

We love maps and making things and have several successful products for sale using the Cartocuts software. Our high resolution, high contrast customizable maps are great sources for etching and printing the world around you onto objects you love.

Handmade Quality

Maker Tested

As artists and makers we understand the need for high quality resources to work with. As map designers and outdoor adventurers living in the mountains of BC, Canada, we want to reflect our unique topography in the objects that we craft

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Enter Into A World Of Fun

First Person Clips Of Mountain Rides With The X1

Aerial Footage 5:29

Watch some drone footage of our team’s best riders going downhill on Salient mountain.

The Quick Route 3:20

There’s staying on the trail and then there’s taking the “alternative” route.

Kevin Robertson 6:45

Check out Kevin treck some of the most intense courses in all of the Salient area.

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About Cartocuts

Cartocuts is software for makers to make maps